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Welcome to Intelact International

Company Overview

Intelact International specialises in international farm project management including intensive dairy, beef or grain production. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of business development, starting from the pre-feasibility analysis, right through to the end goal of milk, meat or arable production -  a total turnkey solution. Intelact International also specialises in exporting of livestock, feed and other agricultural products from New Zealand and Asia Pacific. We bring together the hands-on and practical expertise of international consultants whose combined experience in intensive feedlot, pastoral and crop production farming, gives Intelact International the ability to implement modern and profitable farming business practices to current and future clients anywhere in the world.

Total Farm Solutions

Intelact International provides a total agri-business solution package integrating one or more of the following competencies:

  • Project feasibility or due diligence involving market evaluation, land and climate suitability for livestock enterprises and crop production

  • Dairy confinement and beef feedlot design for optimum efficiency and animal comfort

  • Design and implementation of least cost animal rations appropriate for the climate and by-   product availability

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures for all aspects of farm management operations

  • World leading sustainable and efficient crop production, agronomy and irrigation management practices, including the instigation and utilisation of controlled traffic, no-till and strip tillage cropping principals

  • Equipment, machinery and technology advice including milking systems and agriculture equipment utilising Precision Agriculture technology

  • Development of best practice silage and hay production with a focus on forage yield and quality

  • Organisational structure, staff requirements and on-going and hands on staff training

  • Feed, forage and by-product availability and supply consistency analysis

  • Onsite project management and operational support for both livestock and crop production

  • On-going oversight of management processes and procedures

  • Livestock, semen and embryo exports

Building Design Solutions

Our consultant partners specialise in building and facility designs, animal waste management processes, and animal comfort systems. We have a strong expertise in building design and management of animal heat stress in intensive operations.