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Intelact advice has increased my knowledge and management experience. Their use of advanced operational systems associated with technical expertise and modern technology, enhanced both farms operational efficiency and financial performance making showcases for the Turkish market.

I am happy to work with Intelact and intend to continue to work with them in the future.

-Bilsay Kanci
Previous General Manager / Leben, Turkey


Intelact’s work helped BBT to develop business strategy, business planning and operations management of our projects.

I can confidently recommend Intelact Ltd as a professional and reliable company with highly experienced and dedicated agricultural experts.

-Sinan Kurmus
Previous Director / Berce, Turkey

Office of the Quartet, Jerusalem

With a short time in the field and subsequent desk-work Intelact provided a valuable report indicating where the technical options existed to take forward the agriculture sub-sectors with economic potential.

At the request of the Mr. (Tony) Blair, GoNZ engaged Intelact to assist the office in a close examination of The West Bank and Gaza to link the economic analysis to real development potential on the ground.

This report, and the wider analysis, has subsequently been used to guide this Office, working with the local Ministry of agriculture, Palestinian private sector companies engaged in agriculture, and associated development organisations, to define priorities for further development an to take these

-Dr. Tim Williams
Movement & Trade Advisor / Office of the Quartet, Jerusalem

Kiwi Pecuaria Ltd (Brazil)

Kiwi Pecuaria Ltd (Brazil), a New Zealand farmer based investment group, engaged Intelact  to initially undertake a dairy farming feasibility analysis in Brazil and then to manage and oversee the investment and development of a 1,500 cow grazing and feedlot dairy operation.

Kiwi Pecuaria are very mindful of the professional and fantastic job that Intelact did in putting this all together to provide one of the most profitable dairy farms in Brazil, delivering strong cashflow & growth. 

-John Sanderson
Chairman / Kiwi Pecuaria Ltd (Brazil)

Agriculture Africa

Agriculture Africa Ltd are delighted with the quality of work produced by Intelact. It is comprehensive and yet easy for stakeholders to review and understand. We have received positive feedback from all parties that have reviewed Intelact’s work, including Government agencies and investors.

We have found Intelact’s team very good to deal with. They have responded to changes in requirements well and are very flexible in their approach. This cannot be said of all consultancy firms. 

We are of the opinion that Intelact would only undertake to do work for which they are suitably qualified. Any prospective customer can be confident that if Intelact undertake to do something it would be done to a high standard.

-Bryan Rowe
Director / Agriculture Africa