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Livestock Export

Intelact International is licensed as an Exporter (under the Animal Products Act 1999) by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, and also co-ordinates livestock exports in association with registered exporters in Australia.

Imported Feed Solutions

Intelact International is able to use the experience gained by Nutrinza Limited, an associated company based in New Zealand, as an importer and supplier of internationally sourced by-product animal feeds and some formulated feeds and minerals to New Zealand and Australian farming operations.

Intelact International Business Partners

Intelact International is part of the Intelact Group of Companies. Headlands is a consultancy-based company servicing New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Headlands specialises in pasture-based dairy systems.

Nutrinza is another part of the Intelact Group of Companies. Operating throughout New Zealand, Nutrinza supplies feeds to the dairy industry.

The Intelact Group offers a financial benchmarking and farm business planning service. The expertise within the group has been extensively utilised in start-up and existing dairy operations in Australia, South America and the South Pacific.