The Team

David Densley

Business Development Manager - Senior Agronomist & Silage Consultant

Raised on a mixed farming operation in North Western NSW, Australia, David has a particular passion for arable agriculture. After spending time involved in forage production at a very large feedlot in Southern Queensland, he joined Pioneer Hi-Bred International and spent 15 years (13 of those years in New Zealand) as an Area Sales and Agronomy Manager. During some of this time David was a member of Pioneer’s International Agronomy Group, who meet annually to share global ideas about arable “best practice”.

He has been involved as a member of FAR’s (Foundation for Arable Research) maize arable research committee and chaired the Forage Trading Development Group who developed a forage trading Code of Practice.

David has expertise in all forms of arable crop production, from extensive broadacre dryland farming through to intensive irrigation cropping systems. He has a comprehensive understanding and involvement in modern arable production including controlled traffic and no till farming. David has a particular zeal about the potential role Precision Agriculture will play in making arable agriculture more productive, sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Bill Rys

Consulting in Arid, Tropical & Temperate Farm Systems - B.Agr; MSc Trop Agr

Raised on a dairy farm in the central part of the North Island of New Zealand, Bill has spent all his life involved in the livestock and dairy industry. With a Bachelor of Agriculture and a Masters in Tropical Agriculture, Bill has both an academic and practical understanding of agriculture livestock farming systems across a range of climates. Bill has significant expertise in animal genetics, breeding strategies, pasture systems, pasture species and rotational grazing management, which assists his clients to maximise the amount of pasture produced and harvested by the grazing animal, which in turn optimises milk or meat production and profitability.

His global experience in confinement, semi confinement, and hybrid livestock systems in
Jamaica, Northern Territory (Australia) and Brazil, combined with hands-on
livestock farming and animal nutrition experience and financial analysis
competencies, make him sought after both within New Zealand and as a global
consultant for his knowledge and experience in Pasture-Supported livestock

Bill is also a director of Intelact Ltd

Warren Arlidge

Consulting Veterinarian - BVSc.

Warren is a veterinarian with 28 years' experience working in the New Zealand dairy industry. His focus is emphasis on total farm management and developing programmes to enhance overall performance of the farm business.

A sabbatical to the Middle East in the mid 1990’s to work for the Almarai Dairy Company as Head Veterinarian, involved a change from hands-on animal work to more management. Warren spent 2½ years working for Almarai before returning home to business commitments in New Zealand. The Almarai position was with a very advanced, vertically integrated company, milking 27,000 cows in adverse climatic conditions. The base farm unit of 5000 milking cows in feedlot conditions, producing over 12,000L /cow rolling herd average in 305 days, was the ultimate in production units. The development of health and reproductive programmes for these farms was the main part of the job, with a large component of this in staff training and systems design. Reproductive performance was improved by utilising a programmed approach and lifting oestrus detection with newer synchronisation methods. A revision of the fresh cow health programme with some changes in diet also substantially improved ketosis and production in early lactation.

Warren is now a consultant and previous director of Intelact Limited, and as a result of contacts made in the Middle East has been instrumental in the establishment of Intelact International.

Chris Pyke

Consulting in Animal Export & Calf-Rearing Specialist - BVSc

Chris has spent 30 years as a Veterinarian and consultant in the livestock industry in New Zealand and abroad. He has had extensive experience in dairying, calf rearing and livestock exports and has been involved in the development of the Taurindicus breeding programme in New Zealand.

As Veterinary adviser for several livestock export companies Chris has been involved in exporting cattle to South America, Africa and SE Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Taiwan.
He has travelled with cattle to Indonesia and Taiwan and has had considerable experience in the tropics having been involved in advising on the appropriate management of cattle after arrival in a number of counties including Malaysia.

Warren Morritt

Consulting in Farm Systems & Management - B.Agr

After graduating from Massey University, Warren spent six years in Saudi Arabia as Farm Manager of a vertically integrated (zero grazing) dairy farm comprising 4,000 head of livestock.

Warren returned to New Zealand in 1994 and started dairy consultancy with Intelact (now Headlands), taking up the position of General Manager of Intelact in 1996. Since this time Intelact has become New Zealand’s largest dairy consultancy company, now operating in Australia and South Africa.

Significant growth has allowed Intelact to develop a feed company, Nutrinza Ltd, a financial planning and benchmarking division, Intelact Business Consultancy, and also move into international consultancy along with livestock export and farm development through Intelact International Ltd.

Warren is presently Managing Director of the Intelact Group of Companies.

Consulting Partners

Simon Godden

Forty years’ experience in developing and managing dairy farms and livestock enterprises in countries as diverse as Brazil, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, China, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.  Simon’s skill combines a unique blend of both management and development capabilities in consulting with international dairy clients and execution of Greenfield projects in developing countries. Working across these countries has involved successfully designing dairies that are ‘fit for purpose’ for the climatic zone. Simon has extensive and wide-ranging experience with pasture-based dairy systems, fully housed confinement dairy, and hybrid systems across a range of climates from Eastern Russia to the tropics.

Simon’s philosophy is that the total farm system needs to be considered, understood and designed prior to commencing with the infrastructure design.

Simon’s experience allows him to cover the complete scope of work required to execute both green field and brown field projects, provide strategic insight, feasibility studies, appropriate livestock system selection, facility layout from a management perspective, site selection and evaluation, animal handling systems, efficient cow traffic systems, dairy management system development and training, equipment determination, specification and animal recommendation, sourcing and selection. Simon combines his practical knowledge and experience to provide livestock centric advice and guidance to Dairy Engineers and has been collaborating with Jake Martin (JGM International Design Team) for the past five years, and Intelact since 2006 when he was engaged to project manage their Madagascar Project (1,800 cow green field, turnkey project).

Jake Martin

Dairy Design Engineers - JGM

Jake Martin is a consulting agricultural engineer from Gainesville, Florida USA and has been the owner/president of JGM Dairy Design Engineers since 1991.  He has worked on dairy design projects in 35 countries ranging in size from 25 cows to 12,000 cows.  In addition to the USA, recent dairy designs have been in Australia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt, Serbia, China, Russia, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, and Turkey. Jake is well known internationally through his collaboration with his friend and mentor Dennis Armstrong, who pioneered dairy development in the Middle East. 

JGM takes a whole-farm approach to design and strives to achieve the highest levels of animal comfort, labour efficiency and future-proofing in their designs.

Dr. Frank Delfino

Animal Nutritionist

Frank was raised in the Southern California desert in a livestock, ranching and farming family.  Exposure to, and involvement in, his father’s many international livestock development activities led to a keen interest in intensive international agriculture.  After completing his B.S. at UC Davis, M.S. and PhD at the University of Arizona, Dr. Delfino’s interest in arid agriculture took him to Saudi Arabia where he was nutritionist for a large integrated dairying operation.  During his tenure, the operation grew from 10,000 to 22,000 head milking with RHA increasing from 7,800 to 12,500 kg.  After returning to the US, he established Delfino Nutrition and Management, with many of his overseas contacts becoming clients.  He is currently consulting with top producing large herds in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Peoples Republic of China.  Other clients include dairies, feed manufacturers and specialty product manufacturers in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Pakistan, Egypt, Thailand and South Africa.

As an independent nutritionist, his primary areas of interest include reduction of stress factors to maximize cow comfort and increase feed intake, transition cow management to reduce post-calving problems, improvement of feed handling and management practices and utilisation of locally-available forages with a goal to identify better alternatives.

Yves Berger

Consulting in Sheep & Goat Farming - B.AgrSc; MSc (Animal Science)

With more than 40 years’ experience Yves is a sheep and goat specialist in genetics, reproduction and management as well as being a dairy sheep expert. Yves has skills in farm management, agriculture, construction (including planning and design), data recording and analysis.

Yves has worked extensively on research projects internationally to improve sheep and goat production through management techniques, characterisation of breeds, cross breeding, artificial insemination, nutrition and selection. He has developed research facilities and training programs and worked collaboratively with many organisations and institutions in the USA, Kenya, Morocco, France, Argentina and the Ivory Coast.

Beginning in 2012, Yves became Intelact International’s sheep and goat team leader working on European and Middle Eastern projects.

Dave Haden

Agri-Business Advisor

Dave has a significant amount of experience in the Agri Business sector, including 10 years as Head of Agri Initiatives for ANZ bank. Dave specialises in agri business management, analysis, banking relationships and professional development.  His focus is on helping farmers with their management, planning and banking strategies.