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Projects in India

India’s growing economy and expanding population requires significant development in agriculture production to meet the increasing food demands of the Indian people. If India is to be relatively self-sufficient in food production agribusiness will need to continue to invest heavily in food production.

A large New Zealand=owned multinational company has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two equally significant agribusinesses in India to investigate the possibility of establishing an intensive dairy operation in India. If this inaugural dairy is successful many other dairy enterprises will be established throughout India in time by the MOU group of companies.

To achieve optimum milk output and profitability, sourcing suitable feeds and producing high quality forages will be essential. Managing effluent responsibly will also be an important consideration with this venture.

Intelact International was asked to undertake an onsite feasibility study on the suitability of the region to supply high quality concentrates and by-products needed for an appropriate dairy feed ration suitable to support high milk production.

Intelact International was also requested to identify land appropriate for high yielding forage production with consideration for sustainable production and consistent forage yields.

The findings of the report assisted the joint venture to identify the possibility and considerations for establishing an intensive dairy facility in one region of India.

Determining soil structure, texture and profile is an essential first step
in understanding a soils limitation and ability to produce high yielding forage crops.