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Projects in Hungary

Developing Strip-Till Principles in Hungary

The apparent increase in extreme global weather events such as drought, and the need to reduce crop production input costs, coupled with a desire by governments and farming groups to promote more sustainable farming practices, has motivated a leading agribusiness in Hungary to introduce strip till as a conservation tillage practice for Hungarian farmers.

Strip till, a hybrid system between conventional cultivation practices and no-till, was developed in the USA and has expanded rapidly to several countries around the world.

To assist with the introduction of strip till in Hungary, a global leader in farm equipment manufacturing along with a prominent equipment and farm consultancy group located throughout Hungary invited Intelact International to present ideas on global best practice strip till principles to their agronomy and sales team.

Intelact International has significant hands on expertise in the development and implementation of strip till systems. Along with a reduction in cultivation costs and the soil health benefits associated with reduced tillage, strip till allows the crop producer to band fertiliser, which improves fertiliser placement and nutrient uptake by the plant. Using smart technology, variable rate fertiliser applications within the band during strip tillage can lead to a reduction in fertiliser costs and a lift in yield potential.

Photo (L) Comparing different cultivation techniques in Hungarian soils

Photo (R) Observing various agronomy input treatments in fields that had been strip tilled before corn planting